This workshop* will be led by Uta Bekaia with Cuban designers specialized in the use of recyclable materials and repurposing practices. The participants will create original “wearable art”, which will be worn by the performers during the show. This workshop constitutes an essential part of Vestiphobia Cuba and will function as an ongoing installation at the Gallery Taller Gorria, in Old Havana. The workshop will be open to passersby to observe the different stages of the costumes’ development.

Participants in the workshop will be in direct contact with the rest of the creative team (actors, performers, singers and artists) to encourage relationships between U.S and Cuban artists. The workshop will be documented and publicized in several local and international venues, providing an extensive coverage of the participants’ work. It will also include a series of documentaries and video art screenings about contemporary fashion trends, sustainability and globalization. 

Due to restricted access to materials in Cuba and the limited amount of time to create the outfits, participants are encouraged to submit a costume design prior to the workshop to discuss its production with the creative team. The workshop is open to all, from costume designers to unexperienced individuals interested in learning.  

* This trip is fully legal by the laws of both countries.
* We are traveling with the educational "people to people" visa


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