Vestiphobia's Sponsors


OnCuba is a communication platform legally based in Havana through a press Bureau, recognized by the Center for International Press (CPI) of the Cuban Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is owned by Fuego Enterprises, Inc. (FUGI), a public Northamerican company founded in Nevada, the United States, in 2004. OnCuba’s mission is to promote different topics about the Cuban reality among the public opinion in the United States and connecting both markets in order to strengthen the bridge between Cuba and the U.S.



BOWERY POETRY is a project of Bowery Arts+Science, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission is to encourage cooperation among and advancement of artists and cultural workers; to develop and produce works by emerging poets and performers; and to promote the exploration, improvement, and advancement of the arts as a changemaking force in society.


FILMMAKERS ALLIANCE is a community of film artists dedicated to the advancement of true independent film through community action. FA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. FA provides a unique mutual support system through which members share time, energy, expertise, resources and, most importantly, creative support for one another's film projects from concept through distribution. We work together to restore humanity, authenticity, diversity, originality, intelligence, relevance, personal vision and emotional resonance to global Cinema.


Galeria Taller Gorria is a gallery and cultural venue in Havana, Cuba. The space was created by Jorge Perugorria (Cuban actor, director and visual artist) with the aim of serving and welcoming the best of national and international artistic vanguard.