As subject of the action and object of narration, clothing has many incarnations in the show. Therefore a particular emphasis was put on the production of the costumes. Working in collaboration with young up-and-coming Cuban designers, the art director Uta Bekaia produced sculptural costumes for the performance during a two week-long workshop taking place at the Taller Gorria Gallery, in Old Havana. Under his direction, Cuban designers and workshop participants did not only create wearable art for the show, but their workstation was also curated as a living installation open to the general public. As such, the workshop functioned as an “introduction” to Fabrica’s upcoming performance for the Cuban audience. 

Vestiphobia Workshop focused on Cuban designers specialized in the use of recyclable materials and repurposing practices. With special guest Margarita Mileva from New York, participants in the workshop were in direct contact with the rest of the creative team (actors, performers, singers and artists) to encourage the collaboration between New York and Cuban artists. The Workshop closed with a talk by Prof. Andrew Ross, from New York University about the impact of contemporary cultural industries in art practice.